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php-pear-HTML-Template-IT - Integrated Templates

Remi Collet
The Isotemplate API is somewhat tricky for a beginner although it is the
best one you can build.

Source and target can be block names or even handler names. This API gives
you a maximum of flexibility but you always have to know what you do which
is quite unusual for php developer like me.
If all blocks are within one file, the script knows how they are nested and
in which way you have to parse them. IT knows that inner1 is a child of
block2, there's no need to tell him about this.

Features :
  * Nested blocks
  * Include external file
  * Custom tags format

HTML_Template_ITX :
With this class you get the full power of the php lib template class.
You may have one file with blocks in it but you have as well one main file
and multiple files one for each block. This is quite useful when you have
user configurable websites. Using blocks not in the main template allows
you to modify some parts of your layout easily.


php-pear-HTML-Template-IT-1.3.0-2.el4.remi.noarch [30 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2010-05-13):
- rebuild for remi repository